Continuing Passion Projects through Patreon

Starting in January of 2017, Jocelyn joined Patreon, an online crowd-funding subscription service, allowing her to receive funding directly from the fans of her work.


Since she joined, she has released My Life Around You, her first EP as Nation with fellow composer Timothy C. Takach, a new arrangement of her bestselling choral work “On My Dreams,” now available for SSAA choir and piano, an informational video about her ground-breaking collaborative work “Hummingbird,” for choir and electronics, with fellow composer Spearfisher (Peter John), and a music video for “Lovestain,” featuring choreography by Penelope Freeh and dancer Darwin Black.

Join over ONE MILLION monthly active patrons and support the work of artists you love, like Jocelyn. You can contribute to her work for as little as $1.75 per creation.

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