Under the Stars, One Holy Night (download)


This flexible setting of a modern nativity text is memorable, charming, and a wonderful addition to your holiday program.

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Voicing: Treble trio, unison treble Choir, 2 C instruments, & piano

Level: 2

Duration: 3 minutes

To see perusal score, please contact Jocelyn.


“Commissioned for a children’s choir and community women’s choir, Under the Stars, One Holy Night features an approachable and singable melody that your singers and audiences will love. Flexibility in the instrumentation makes it easy to fit into your program. It also works beautifully with a soloist and trio of treble voices. ”




Under the stars, one holy night,
A little Babe was born;
Over His head a star shone bright
And glistened till the morn.

And wise men came from far away,
And shepherds hastened where He lay,
Upon His lowly bed of hay,
Under the stars one night.

Under the stars, one blessed night,
The Christ-child came to earth,
And thro’ the darkness broke the light
Of morning at His birth.
And sweet hosannas filled the air,
And guardian angels watched Him where
The virgin mother knelt in prayer,
Under the stars one night.

Under the stars, this happy night,
We wait for Him once more,
And seem to see the wondrous sight
The shepherds saw of yore.

O Jesus, born in Bethlehem,
Come unto us as unto them,
And crown us with love’s diadem,
Under the stars tonight.

– Anna S. Driscol (Public Domain)

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