the boat that brings them home (Parts) (download)


the boat that brings them home reflects upon the soldier’s journey home after service to their country.

Performed by the St. Olaf Band, 2003




For symphonic band


duration: 7:45



the boat that brings them home takes its name from a painting of the same name, also featured on the cover of this score. The artist, Father Dan Musgrave, was inspired to paint a ship, colorful and bold, to bring home the soldiers serving their country oversees. Both the music and the painting were composed in 2003, when the United States invaded Iraq, and the music features two different snare drum patterns, reflecting differing opinions on the Iraq war.  Overall the piece is hopeful, with a beautiful journey across the sea in the middle section. the boat that brings them home ends with a simple duet between the trumpet and the snare drum, a somber statement on the uncertainty and seemingly unending presence of conflict.

Commissioned by the Miles H. Johnson Endowment in observance of the centennial of the St. Olaf College Music Department for the St. Olaf Band, Dr. Timothy Mahr, conductor, 2003





Flute 1 & 2


English Horn

Clarinet in Eb

Clarinet in Bb 1, 2, & 3

Bass Clarinet

Contrabass Clarinet



Soprano Saxophone

Alto Saxophones 1 & 2

Tenor Saxophone

Baritone Saxophone



Cornet 1, 2, & 3

Trumpet in Bb 1, 2, & 3

Horn in F 1, 2, 3, & 4

Trombone 1 & 2

Bass Trombone



String Bass


Percussion 1 (xylophone, triangle, crash cymbal)

Percussion 2 (suspended cymbal, snare drum)

Percussion 3 (crash cymbal, snare drum, suspended cymbal)

Percussion 4 (bass drum, suspended cymbal)



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