Someplace (printed copy)


College students adore this piece with a pop song feel and beatboxer.


performed by the University of South Dakota Chamber Singers

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Voicing: SSAATTBB, 2 soloists, beatboxer

Duration: 4:30

To see perusal score, please contact Jocelyn.


If you’re looking for something different that can feature an aspiring beatboxer, this is the piece for you. The text for Someplace was created by singer/songwriter Chris Koza, and Hagen wanted to give the piece similar style in a choral setting. It gives the choir and opportunity to feature two soloists and is a wonderful fit for spring concerts and graduation.


Composer’s Notes:


The beatboxing part is not notated and should be improvised. Please listen to the recording by the University of South Dakota Chamber Singers for a wonderful example on how it can be done.




Let’s go Someplace

To the wind be wed

Let the compass spin

And by chance be led

Across a sea

Of rocks and red

Of mountain peaks

And riverbeds


Let’s drift like clouds

Ever changing form

Through the sapphire day

And amethyst eve

Through ruby dawn

And emerald morn

Where the moon dies

And sun’s reborn


Let’s sing like branches

Bending with the breeze

In the summer heat

Through the autumn leaves

With winter’s hush

As the rivers freeze

Mimic trickling cricks


In Spring’s reprise


Let’s go someplace

Where the boundaries blur

Lost in Prairie Sage

Among Bison herds

Where pheasants fly

Where the river turns

Let’s be together

On this sweet sojourn


Let’s go someplace

Let’s go someplace

Let’s go


Chris Koza (

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