Ladies in Green (printed copy)


A delightful waltz sure to enchant your singers and audience.

(Sorelle Cantanti of Muskego High School, Meredith Sipe, conductor)

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Voicing: SSA choir & piano

Level: 3

Duration: 3:15

To see perusal score, please contact Jocelyn.


Surprising harmonies and an upbeat tempo make this piece a true joy to learn and perform.




Dancing around me like ladies in green

their skirts an umbrella, protecting my dream

Arms reaching out, slender, long

Graceful, thin, yet sturdy and strong

While elegant fingers beckon the breeze

I rest my head, asleep with the trees.

– Meredith Sipe




“Ladies in Green” is a wonderful piece that Sorelle Cantati of Muskego High School had commissioned for the Spring of 2013. Jocelyn used one of my own poems as the text for this piece – “The Trees.” The poetry and music in this piece are beautifully woven together to create a perfect marriage. The light, dancing texture of Jocelyn’s composition creates the image of lovely ladies in green (the trees, of course), dancing freely in the wind.”


-Meredith Sipe, conductor, Muskego High School, Wisconsin



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