In My Soul (baritone, guitar, cello) (printed copy)


“In my soul there is a temple, a shrine, a mosque, a church where I kneel.”

(Bradley Greenwald, baritone, Eric Kutz, cello, and Jeffrey Van, guitar)

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Voicing: baritone, cello, and guitar


duration: 3 minutes



This sweet, soulful song is excerpted from Jocelyn’s oratorio amass. The text is a translation by Daniel Ladinsky, from his book Love Poems from God. Rabia, the original poet, was a female Muslim saint and Sufi mystic who lived in Iraq in the 8th century.


Level: 3



my soul
there is a temple, a shrine, a mosque, a church
where I kneel.


Prayer should bring us to an altar where no walls or names exist.


Is there not a region of love where the sovereignty is
illumined nothing,


where ecstasy gets poured into itself
and becomes


where the wing is fully alive
but has no mind or


my soul
there is a temple, a shrine, a mosque,
a church


that dissolve, that
dissolve in


– Rabia, translated by Daniel Ladinsky.


Composer’s Notes


This tune is heartfelt and warm, and baritones with a wide range will enjoy interpreting this beautiful song.



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