I Started Out Singing (SSA)


A delightful piece that celebrates a life in song.


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Voicing: 3-part treble choir, piano

Level: 2

Duration: 3:40

To see perusal score, please contact Jocelyn.




I started out singing
oh yes oh yes
in a voice as clear
as a penny and a dime


in time in time
I came to be
as tall as a riddle
as full as a shadow
as far as the wind
that blows itself
alone to the sea


I started out smiling
oh yes oh yes
with my face tipped up
to the moon’s soft stare
a halo of giggles
tied in my hair
with a sleep as deep
as desert sand


my dreams were the stories
that crossed the land


– Naomi Shihab Nye (reprinted with permission)

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