Havaa’s Lullaby


A beautiful and elegant lullaby as performed by Nation.

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Written in collaboration with Timothy Takach


Voicing: 2 part a cappella

Level: 2

Duration: less than 3 minutes

To see perusal score, please contact Jocelyn.


This simple song was written by Hagen and Takach as a lullaby to a newborn baby named Havaa. A gentle 7/4 meter supports Suzanne Swanson’s poem beautifully. Perfect for beginning ensembles or as a prelude to another piece on your program.





She is swaddled, patient.
I pick her up. The infant eyes lock mine.
I remember that she belongs to the house of music
and I carry her there.

– Suzanne Swanson


Composers’ Notes


This piece was written for our God-Daughter Havaa. Since her father is a jazz musician, we thought it appropriate to write it in a mixed meter, which only increased the motion of the melodies. This can be sung as a duet or by multiple sections of a choir. It should stay fairly quiet throughout, like a true lullaby. “Havaa’s Lullaby” has been used crib-side as well as on stage in a Nation concert.

– Jocelyn Hagen and Timothy C. Takach

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