Hands (SSAA) (download)


The joining of hands and voices in song has the ability to cross cultural boundaries and speak louder than words.

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Voicing: SSAA a cappella choir & 2 soloists


duration: 5 minutes


“Hands” was commissioned by the International Federation of Choral Music for the World Choral Symposium in Barcelona, Spain (July 2017). It received a beautiful premiere by the Vocal Art Ensemble of Sweden under the direction of Jan Yngwe.


View the perusal score here.


level: 4



None. This song is a vocalise.


Composer Notes:


Soloists and choir are to sing on neutral syllables throughout, decided upon by the conductor. The conductor is encouraged to choose vowels and syllables that reflect the choir’s native language. These vowels/syllables may change throughout the piece. Lyrical lines should be sung without consonants, with one exception: singers are allowed to sing a slight “H” at the beginnings of phrases in the higher register. Rhythmic lines can be sung with a subtle consonant. For example: “da, da, da.”


The movement is integral to the work, and it requires the piece to be memorized.

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