Elegy (download)


A love story for two instruments.

Performers: the Murasaki Duo: Eric Kutz, cello & Miko Kominami, piano

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Instrumentation: solo cello and piano


duration: 10:20


In its most simple description, this Elegy is a love song between two souls, represented by the cello and piano.  The piece is a journey of their time together, and the brief, but glorious time that they had.  The two instruments share the same melody together, finally, in the latter half of the B section, only to be overcome by sadness in the end, as one soul is torn from the other.  Just as they are separated at the beginning, they are separated at the end, and one can only remember the joy.


Composer’s Note


This piece was composed in honor of a dear family friend, Tom Stine. He was also a wonderful musician and teacher.

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