Already Always (printed copy)


Written in memory of a loved one, this song comforts and lifts the spirit.


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Voicing: SATB choir & piano

Level: 3

Duration: less than 3 minutes

To see a perusal score, please contact Jocelyn.


This piece is based on the idea that everything is cyclical ~ there is no home base, or key. Instead, the harmony is constantly shifting and evolving ~ a metaphor for life.






It’s already always.
Did you know?
Turn inside out
to take it in.

Somersault down your
hills of thought
tucked in circles
the beginning
the end.

Where did you start
and when do you stop
if it’s already always.

Clasp hands
of here
with now
and dance.

I’m here.
You’re now.
Together we last.

It’s already always.

– Jo Ford

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