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art song

…and then we were left (10′) – 2012
song cycle for baritone, guitar and cello
I. Barefoot
II. agot, agot
III. Sometime in the future
IV. The Rainy Season
texts by Joseph Jok Kuol Wel and Duot Aguer, adapted by Jocelyn Hagen.
Commissioned by Tadd Sipes

Dear Theo: Letters from Vincent Van Gogh (11′) – 2015
extended song for tenor and 1 percussionist
text taken from English translations of letters from Vincent Van Gogh to his brother Theo
Commissioned by David Walton, tenor, and Erik Barsness, percussionist

Hope (18′) – 2000
song cycle for high voice and piano
I. I felt a clearing in my mind
II. Heart, we will forget him!
III. I shall know why
IV. Hope is the thing with feathers
texts by Emily Dickinson
published by Graphite Publishing

Gwendolen’s Dream (3′) – 2001
soprano, clarinet in A, cello
text by G. T. P. Cleaver

Inventing Truths (1′) – 2011
tenor, cello
text by St. Thomas Aquinas, translated by Daniel Ladinsky
from the oratorio amass

In My Soul (3′) – 2011
baritone, guitar, cello
text by Rabia, translated by Daniel Ladinsky
from the oratorio amass

Kiss (11′) – 2013
song cycle for soprano and piano
1. In the Dreamed of Places
2. How to Bone a Fish
3. Your Hands
4. One More
texts by Julia Klatt Singer
commissioned by a consortium of musicians, teachers, and art song enthusiasts
published by Graphite Publishing

love. songs (15′) – 2009
song cycle for baritone and piano (also available for soprano and piano)
1. burn
2. your little voice
3. so quite new
4. i love you much (most beautiful darling)
5. i carry your heart
texts by E. E. Cummings
finalist in the 2010 NATS Art Song Composition Competition
published by Graphite Publishing

Love Song (3′) – 2010
baritone and violin
text by Rainer Maria Rilke, translator unknown
commissioned in honor and celebration of the marriage of Judy Schumaker and Richard Larson

Para mi corazón (3′) – 2007
med-high voice and piano
text by Pablo Neruda
commissioned by Dr. and Mrs. James Buhr on the event of their son’s wedding

Silver Wing (9′) – 2014
soprano and viola
text by Marie-Lynn Hammond
from the dance opera Test Pilot

Songs of Fields and Prairies (23′) – 2004
song cycle for soprano and piano
I. Call of the Open   text by Laura E. Bradshaw
II. Fall Fields   text by Richard Eugene Burton
III. Silent Noon   text by Dante Gabriel Rossetti
IV. The Prairie-Grass Dividing   text by Walt Whitman
V. The Endless Root   text by Witter Bynner
VI. The flower of the field   text by Isaiah 40:6-8
VII. Lullaby (for Bob)   text by Anne Crichton Boise
commissioned by the North Dakota Music Teacher’s Assocation
Honorable Mention –  ASCAP/Lotte Lehman Foundation Song Cycle Competition, 2006
San Francisco Song Festival Composition Competition Winner (Student Division), 2005
published by Graphite Publishing

The Sweetness of my Dreams (9′ 30″) – 2005
song cycle for mezzo-soprano and piano
I. I will sing you a song
II. Dandelion
III. Theatre Song
IV. Moon Song
V. About my Dreams
texts by Hilda Conkling
published by Graphite Publishing

The Time of Singing Has Come (8′) – 2009
song cycle for soprano, tenor and piano
1. Arise, My Love
2. To-night
3. The Wedding is the Promise
composed for the Shorter College New Music Series with special thanks to Matthew Hoch
published by Graphite Publishing


For detailed descriptions of these works along with video and audio samples, perusal scores and performance information visit Jocelyn’s page on the IMP website.

Across a Border (4′) – 2012
SATB div. choir, SA soli, oboe (or other C instrument), piano
text by Patrick Hicks, along with quotes by Jawaharlal Nehru and Anton Chekhov,
adapted by Jocelyn Hagen
Commissioned for the Augustana Choir’s participation in the Peace Prize Forum 2012 as an
offering in honor of the Nobel Peace Prize Laureates and all who work toward
and have paid the price of peace.

Agnus Dei, from amass (7′) – 2010
SATB choir, piano four hands (reduction)
text: Traditional Roman Catholic Mass
Commissioned by and dedicated to The Singers

Agnus Dei, from Ashes of Roses (4′) – 2011
TBB a cappella choir, Baritone solo
text: Traditional Roman Catholic Mass and I Corinthians 15: 51-52
Commissioned by The St. Catherine Choral Society

Already Always (3′) – 2013
SATB choir, piano
text by Jo Ford
commissioned by consortium, in honor of Judson and Sue Reaney

April and the Sun (4′) – 2007
SATB a cappella choir
text by Sara Teasdale
Commissioned for the Choirs of Note Choral Festival
selected for inclusion in Project Encore

Ave Maris Stella (4′ 30″) – 2005
SSSSAA a cappella choir
text anonymous
published by Graphite Publishing

Belong (5′) – 2016
SATB choir, piano
text by Marisha Chamberlain
commissioned by the Youth Chorale of Central Minnesota

Benedictus, from amass (4′) – 2007
SSAATTBB choir, SATB soli, a cappella
Commissioned by The Singers – Minnesota Choral Artists
finalist in Cincinatti Camerata Composition Contest, 2008
“Conductor’s Choice” in the 2009 Sorel Medallion Competition

Controlled Burn (6′) – 2014, a collaboration with hip-hop artist/rapper Dessa
SATB choir, orchestra/chamber ensemble (2 versions)
text by Dessa
Commissioned by Minneapolis Public Schools for Viva City, 2014
Published by Graphite Publishing

arr. Deck the Hall (3′) – 2015
SATB a cappella choir
text by Thomas Oliphant
commissioned by Ona and Wayne Pinsonneault for The Madison Choral Project

Divine Image (5′) – 2007
treble choir, women’s choir, oboe and piano
text by William Blake
Commissioned by Amy Jacobsen

Endless (4′) – 2013
SATB div. choir, 2 violins, piano
text: Author unknown, adapted by Jocelyn Hagen
Commissioned for the 2013 Connecticut All-State Choir & Dedicated to the Connecticut
Music Educators Association in honor of their 80th anniversary,
with special thanks to Patrick Walders, conductor

Forgotten (4′) – 2011
SSA choir, oboe, piano
text by Sara Teasdale
Commissioned for the St. Catherine’s Women’s Choir

Gloria, from amass (7′) – 2007
SATB double choir, a cappella
Commissioned by The Singers – Minnesota Choral Artists

Hands (4′) – 2016
SATB choir, two soloists, a cappella
no text ~ a vocalise
commissioned by the 11th World Symposium on Choral Music, Barcelona 2017, for the Swedish Vocal Art Ensemble

How Do We Know the Light Will Come Back? (5′) – 2009
SSAA choir, piano
text by Marisha Chamberlain

How to Survive Winter (17′) – 2015
SSAA choir, string quartet
text by Julia Klatt Singer
commissioned by The Women’s Chorus of Dallas

Hummingbird (10′) – 2017, a collaboration with electronic musician/composer Spearfisher
SATB choir, soprano soloist, piano/electronics
text by Nikia Chaney
commissioned by Dr. Jo Ann Miller for the North Dakota State University Concert Choir

I Lift Up My Eyes (Psalm 121) (2′ 5″) – 2004
SATB choir, a cappella
text from Psalm 121
commissioned for the Davis & Elkins Alumni Choir
published by Graphite Publishing

In the Lavender Stillness of Dawn (3.5′) – 2010
SSA choir, violin, cello, & piano
text by Meggan Tavel
commissioned by the Flower Mound High School Women’s Choir

arr. I Saw Three Ships (4′ 5″) – 2005
SSAATTBB a cappella choir
traditional English carol
commissioned by The Singers – Minnesota Choral Artists
published by Graphite Publishing

I Saw Two Clouds at Morning (3′) – 2006
SSAATTBB a cappella choir
text by John G.C. Brainard
selected for inclusion in Project Encore

I Started Out Singing (4′) – 2010
3-part treble choir, piano (also available for 3-part treble choir, piano, string orchestra)
text by Naomi Shihab Nye
Published by Graphite Publishing

I Will Pray and Sing (4′) – 2013
SATB choir, piano
text from I Corinthians 14:15, Romans 8:26-27, Ephesians 3:14-19
commissioned by Brehm Seminary
published by Fred Bock Music Publishing

Joy (3.5′) – 2008
SSA choir, violin, piano
text by Sara Teasdale
commissioned by MN ACDA and the MN Music Educators Association for the 2008 MN All State Women’s Choir
published by Boosey & Hawkes

Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee (5′) – 2005
SSAATTBB a cappella choir
text by Henry Jackson VanDyke

Ladies in Green (3′) – 2013
SSA choir, piano
text by Meredith Sipe
Commissioned for the Muskego High School Sorelle Cantanti

Laus Trinitati (3′) – 2005
SATB a cappella choir, div.
text by Hildegard von Bingen
winner of the Yale Glee Club Emerging Composers Competition
published by Boosey and Hawkes, Yale Glee Club Choral Series

The Lord is My Shepherd (4′) – 2014
SATB a cappella choir
text is Psalm 23 (English New Version)
commissioned by the First United Church of Elgin, IL

Moon Goddess (5′) – 2011
SSA choir, 4-hand piano, large frame drum, finger cymbals, suspended cymbal
text by Enheduanna, adapted by Jocelyn Hagen,
based on adaptations by Aliki and Willis Barnstone
commissioned by the 2011 ACDA Women’s Choir R&S Commissioning Consortium,
Iris S. Levine, National Chair

arr. Night of Silence (7′) – 2014
SATB double choir, baritone solo, a cappella
text by Daniel Kantor
commissioned by Daniel Kantor for The Singers

No Rain (5′) – 2006
SSAATTBB a cappella choir, SSA soli
trad. Apache Indian love poem
commissioned by the Commissioning Club of the Choral Arts Ensemble of Rochester, MN

arr. Now Our Meeting’s Over (3.5′) – 2009
SATB a cappella choir
trad. American Folk Song
commissioned by The Singers – Minnesota Choral Artists
published by Santa Barbara Music Publishers

Numeri Atque Voces (3′) – 2012
TTBB and SATB choirs, a cappella
text by Cicero
Made possible by The McKnight Foundation Community Outreach Program for McKnight Fellows

arr. O Come, O Come, Emmanuel (5′) – 2004
SSAATTBB a cappella choir, SATB soli
text by John Mason Neale and Henry Sloane Coffin
commissioned by The Singers – Minnesota Choral Artists
published by Graphite Publishing

On My Dreams (2.5′) – 2008
SATB div. choir, piano, trap set
text by William Butler Yeats
commissioned by the Valley City Music Boosters

Ophelia (5′) – 2008
SATB div.choir, a cappella
text by William Shakespeare
Finalist for the Sorel Medallion, 2016

Prayer (3′) – 2006
SA divisi choir, violin, and piano
text by St. Francis of Assisi
Commissioned by Dione Peterson for the Collegiate Chorale of St. Olaf College

Salve, Regina (3′) – 2008
SSA choir, a cappella
text: Anonymous 12th c. Latin chant, adapted by Jocelyn Hagen

Sanctus, from amass (4′) – 2007
SSATBB choir, SA soli, a cappella
Commissioned by The Singers – Minnesota Choral Artists
Finalist in Cincinatti Camerata Composition Contest, 2008

See Amid the Winter Snow (4′) – 2005
SSATBB choir, mezzo soprano solo, cello solo
text by Edward Caswell, adapted by Jocelyn Hagen
winner of the Vocal Essence Welcome Christmas! Carol Contest, 2005
published by Boosey and Hawkes, Sing Noel Choral Series

arr. sofdu unga astin min (4′) – 2015
SATB a cappella choir
traditional Icelandic folksong
commissioned by the North Dakota State University Challey School of Music

soft blink of amber light (7′) – 2014
SATB choir, flute, clarinet, piano, and 1 percussionist (marimba & cymbals)
text by Julia Klatt Singer
commissioned by the Houston Chamber Choir
published by G. Schirmer

Someone Will Remember Us (5′) – 2006
SSAA, violin, viola, cello, harp
text by Sappho, trans. Willis Barnstone
Commissioned for the WomanVoice Festival, February, 2006

Someplace (5′) – 2015
SSAATTBB a cappella choir, ST soli, & beatboxer
text by Chris Koza
commissioned by the University of South Dakota Vermillion Chamber Singers

To See the Sky (4′) – 2014
SATB choir, piano
text by Sara Teasdale
commissioned by Georgia American Choral Directors Association
published by Graphite Publishing

Trees Need Not Walk the Earth (4′) – 2012
SATB choir, piano, marimba, rain stick
text by David Rosenthal
Winner of the Young New Yorkers’ Chorus 2013 Competition for Young Composers

Two Lullabies (6′) – 2005/6
I. My Bed is a Boat
II. All the pretty little horses
3 part treble choir and piano
commissioned by Hopkins High School Women’s Choir
published by Graphite Publishing

Under the Stars, One Holy Night (3′) – 2007
treble choir, women’s choir, 2 instruments in C and piano
text by Anna S. Driscol
commissioned by Valley Voices and the Valley Children’s Choir

Veni, Sancte Spiritus (4′) – 2005
SSAB a cappella choir
text published in Missale Romanum in 1570

Vespertilians (5′) – 2013
SATB choir, a cappella
text taken from Ovid’s Metamorphoses
commissioned by Texas Choral Directors Association for their 2013 Convention
published by G. Schirmer


solo instrumental
Allegro (2′ 5″) – 2001
solo piano
“First Place” for keyboard solo, “Composer With the Most Potential”
Minnesota Music Educators Association Composition Competition, 2002

Etude in C Major (1′) – 2012
solo piano
Composed for Pianos on Parade, by Keys 4/4 Kids, June 2012

Etude in Pairs (3′) – 2012
solo piano

Origami (4′) – 2014
solo cello
from the dance opera Test Pilot

chamber music

a tree will have its branches (18′) – 2009
brass quintet (2 trumpets, horn, trombone, tuba)
commissioned by the Copper Street Brass Quintet

Ballade (4′) – 2004
tuba/euphonium ensemble (2 euph/2 tuba)
selected for inclusion in New Music Festival IV, University of Nebraska,
Kearney, NE in March, 2005

Challey Fanfare (3′) – 2014
double brass quintet (also available for brass ensemble)
commissioned by The North Dakota State University Challey School of Music

Elegy (10′) – 2009
cello and piano
commissioned by Drs. Ted and Sara Hagen for the Murasksi Duo, in memory of friend Tom Stine

Frostbite (2′) – 2014
flute and piano

Poem (16′) – 2010
flute, cello, harp
Commissioned by Trio Callisto with funding from the Jerome Foundation

Test Pilot Suite (15′) – 2014
string quartet
from the dance opera Test Pilot

tink and thud (3′) – 2012 (hear a recording)
piano and 1 percussionist
created during the 2011 Zeitgeist/Composer Workshop, a program of Zeitgeist
supported by the Jerome Foundation

dance collaboraton
Prelude (for Penny) (7’30) – 2012, collaboration with choreographer Penelope Freeh
solo piano and solo dancer

Slippery Fish (26′) – 2012, collaboration with choreographer Penelope Freeh
a quartet for soprano, viola & 2 dancers
Made possible by a “Live Music for Dance” grant through the American Composers Forum

Test Pilot (90′) – 2014, collaboration with choreographer Penelope Freeh
collaborative dance opera for soprano, male chorus of five, string quartet, and four dancers
Sage Award for “Best Overall Design” in 2015

large ensemble

Adagio (5′) – 2007
string orchestra
commissioned by Shattuck-St. Mary’s School for the Orchestra Invitational 2008

amass (65′) – 2011
SATB choir, soprano, tenor and baritone soli, solo cello, cello quartet, guitar, and percussion
commissioned by Matthew Culloton for The Singers
featuring translations of various poems by Daniel Ladinsky
1. Prologue (cello solo and cello quartet)
2. The Essence of Desire (tenor solo, cello solo, and cello quartet)
3. Kyrie (choir)
4. Use the Geometry (soprano solo, cello solo, cello quartet, and marimba)
5. Gloria (double choir)
6. Inventing Truths (tenor solo and cello solo)
7. Certainty (SAT double choir, soprano solo, cello solo, bells)
8. Where All Are Welcome (SATB choir, bells)
9. So Precious (baritone solo, cello solo, cello quartet, and percussion)
10. Sanctus (choir)
11. Benedictus (choir)
12. The Hope (Soprano, tenor, and baritone trio, cello solo, guitar, and marimba)
13. In My Soul (baritone solo, cello solo, and guitar)
14. Agnus Dei (choir, cello solo, cello quartet, and vibraphone)
15. Everything (entire ensemble)
16. Epilogue (cello solo and cello quartet)

Ashes of Roses, a requiem (35′) – 2003, revised in 2011
SATB chorus, orchestra, and soloists
traditional Latin texts ~ “Ashes of Roses” text by Elaine Goodale Eastman
I. Introit/Requiem
II. Kyrie
III. Lacrimosa
IV. Ashes of Roses (text by Elaine Goodale Eastman)
V. Offertory
VI. Lux Aeterna
2003 Rudolph Nissim Honorable Mention Award

Challey Fanfare (3′) – 2014
brass ensemble (also available for double brass quintet)
commissioned by the North Dakota State University Challey School of Music

Gloria (8′) – 2016
antiphonal wind ensemble and harp
commissioned by the Concordia Band

the boat that brings them home (12′) – 2003
symphonic band
commissioned by the Miles H. Johnson Endowment,
in observance of the centennial of the St. Olaf College Music Department
for the St. Olaf Band, 2003

Salute (5′) – 2011
concert band
Commissioned by the 188th Army Band, Fargo, ND, on the occasion of its 125th Anniversary and         dedicated to all the Soldier musicians, past and present, whose service greatly contributed
to our heritage and legacy of Pride in Performance!

Solar (11′) – 2011
full orchestra
Commissioned by the Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra with funding from the Minnesota State Arts Board

Swimming Into Winter (16′) – 2013
SATB choir, winds and percussion
texts by D.H. Lawrence, Wallace Stevens, Adelaide Crapsey, Freya Manfred
1. The Enkindled Spring
2. The House Was Quiet and the World Was Calm
3. November Night
4. Swimming Into Winter
Commissioned by a consortium of schools of music, led by North Dakota State University

To Gold in Broadest Blue (10′) – 2007, revised in 2015
wind ensemble
commissioned by the Midwest District of Tau Beta Sigma and Kappa Kappa Psi

Arr. Twinkle Variations (3′) – 2015
full orchestra
commissioned by the Minnesota Orchestra

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reviews & quotes

More than just singable lyric lines…

Jocelyn’s music ties so beautifully with the text, which for singers, makes her music a reward and a clear way to connect emotionally to the message. Her pieces are more than just singable lyric lines; they invoke a desire to connect to the audience and be a part of a bigger experience for everyone.

David Walton, tenor

Jocelyn’s Music Sings

Jocelyn’s music sings. It is crafty and crafted but never difficult; lyrical and poignant yet never saccharin. Her musical lines flow as poetry in sound, as she guides the listener from one delight to the next.

Domonic DiOrio
Associate Professor of Music, Indiana University Jacobs School of Music | Director, NOTUS: IU Contemporary Vocal Ensemble

New Impressions of Texture and Color

Jocelyn’s music is filled with new impressions of texture and color. Individual lines melding together to create deep or expansive melodies. Our ensemble loved not only the rehearsal process, but found repeated performances to deepen our experience and expression of the music. I have had the great pleasure of working with Jocelyn on two different… Read more “New Impressions of Texture and Color”

Peter Haberman, Director of Bands
Concordia College, Moorhead

Jocelyn Hagen’s music celebrates the eternal spirit of the feminine

Jocelyn Hagen’s music celebrates the eternal spirit of the feminine, informed by soaring poetry and the indomitable courage of women. Her sense of place, time and the elements weave together a fabric of sound that inspires awe, joy, and the resilience so needed in today’s world.

Iris S. Levine, Founder and Artistic Director

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