June 10, 2017 @ 8:00 pm
Zipper Concert Hall
200 S Grand Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90012

Jocelyn’s new multi-movement work, Flight, will be premiered by Vox Femina, under the direction of Iris Levine, in their spring concert titled “Women on the Rise.”

“We end with a new beginning. Raising our voices with a dynamic new commission by Jocelyn Hagen, VOX renews our commitment to create a world that affirms the worth and dignity of every person.”

Minnesota poet Julia Klatt Singer was asked to write a poem for this cycle, and it sums up the spirit of the concert in a beautiful way.


Come Spring
We find ourselves
in a world less light,
the hours of darkness
upon us.
We find ourselves
watching the sky, 
for the sign, for the storm,
for it’s coming. 
O to take flight;
flock together, flee
to a world that is warm,
& welcoming. 
O to fight
each slur, each slap.
Each injustice, each 
Come spring 
We’ll take the shape
of tender shoots, the sky—
the blue, of small pools. 
We’ll fly 
on the wings of returning birds 
to the music 
of waking trees.
We’ll fall silver 
with the rain.
Make the world kind
& beautiful again.
~Julia Klatt Singer

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